Blendon Township Bicentennial Celebrations! 


Blendon Township is marking two-hundred years since the formation of our township with many celebrations throughout the year.  We are seeking partnerships with our many fine Blendon Township and other local businesses and merchants to help make this year of festivities successful and memorable.  Although there are several planned events in which you can join in a variety of ways there are just a few for which we are specifically asking for your participation in one or more of the following ways:

·        Sponsorship of one or more events.  Sponsorship levels of $1,000, $500, $250 and $100.

·        In-kind donations. 

·        Volunteering at one or more events.  Plenty of opportunity for hands-on community involvement for you and your employees.


In exchange for your sponsorship to bring these exciting planned festivities to the community, we can offer a variety of promotional opportunities to your company.  Here are the events:


Blendon Township Concerts in the Park    

Our third year for this summer concert series in our beautiful Ridgewood Park.  A favorite venue for our visiting artists and highly attended by residents.  Always family-friendly, in addition to the entertainment, concert goers are treated to bounce houses, food and a 50-50 raffle.  Seeking sponsorship to cover costs, in-kind donations of food or give-away items and of course volunteers always welcome.

            June 13th – Gas Pump Jockeys

            July 18th – Scioto Brass Band and Percussion

            August 29th – 23 Southbound

 Old Fashioned Baseball Game

On August 29th we will have an old fashioned baseball game at Ridgewood Park! The game will be hosted by the Muffins and they will use the baseball rules from the 1800's. We need to form our home team! If you are able to play on the team please email Bryan Rhoads at

Rules and Customs of 1860

From the Rules and Regulations of the Game of Base Ball Adopted by the National Association of Base-Ball Players March 14, 1860:

  • The ball is pitched underhanded from anywhere behind the pitcher's point.
  • The striker must stand on or straddle a line through home plate.
  • Pitches are not usually judged as balls or strikes, but the umpire may call a strike if the batter persists in not swinging at well-pitched balls.
  • The ball is judged fair or foul according to where it first touches the ground (people, structures, and trees don't count as the ground).
  • Articles of clothing such as a hat may not be used to catch a ball.
  • An out is declared if:
    • - A hit ball is caught on the fly or on the first bound, including foul tips to the catcher.
    • - A striker misses swinging at three pitched balls and the third strike is caught by the catcher on the fly or bound. If the catcher misses the pitch, the umpire will declare the ball to be fair and the batter must make his run to first base. Foul tips do not count as strikes.
    • - A ball arrives in the hands of a baseman whose foot is upon the base prior to a base runner who is required to make that base.
    • - A ball in the hands of an adversary touches a base runner not safely on his base.
    • - A base runner does not return to his original base before a caught fly ball reaches the same base.
    • - A base runner overruns any base (including first) and is touched by the ball in the hands of an adversary.
  • A base runner may not advance on any foul ball and must return to his original base. He may be tagged out if not there after the ball has been settled in the hands of the pitcher.
  • A base runner may advance at his own risk on a fair ball caught on the bound.
  • A base runner may advance after a fair fly ball is caught provided he has tagged his most recent base after the ball is in the hands of the fielder.
  • A base runner must run for the next base if the ball is hit, and the force remains on even if an out is made behind the advancing runner.

Blendon Township More Joy Run

A 5K race and fundraiser in memory of Jane Juergens, former Huber Ridge resident who tragically was attacked and lost her life while jogging in the Ridgewood Park woods in October 2013.  The proceeds from this fundraiser will be applied toward a serene and aesthetic memorial garden in the park that captures the beauty and joy so appreciated by our fallen neighbor.  The race takes place August 29th we are seeking to enlist your help as a sponsor, provide in-kind donations for the runner’s bags and of course volunteers.  Additional promotional opportunities for sponsors of $250 or greater.


Won’t you join us in celebrating this historical milestone for Blendon Township?  For additional information or to confirm interest, please contact Bryan Rhoads, Blendon Township Administrator at 614-302-8248 or by email at