• Who provides trash pickup for Blendon Township?

Answer: Rumpke   1-888-786-7531

  • Who provides the Township with water and sewer utilities?

Answer: Aqua Ohio  1-614-882-6586

  • Will the trash company pick up my trash if I am late on payment?

  Answer: No. Please make arrangements with the company and pull your trash back to your house until next week.

  • What day is trash pickup, and when can I put my trash to the curb?

Answer: Trash pickup is on Friday and you can put your trash out to the curb on Thursday night.

  • What number do I call for non-emergency Police related problems?

Answer: (614) 882-8500 or contact the Police through the website.

  • Are there Officers out working all day long?

Answer: Yes. The Township has Police Officers working 24/7.