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Major Renovations at Glengary Shopping Center

We are pleased to announce major upgrades to the Glengary Shopping Center located on Westerville Road at Dempsey Road. Renovations will include demolishing the vacated Hollywood Movie Theatre to make room for a new ALDI store. Fresh produce, gluten-free foods, dairy and bakery selections are just a few of the items that will line the store’s shelves. Its modern design will also showcase open ceilings, natural lighting and environmentally-friendly building materials.

Simultaneously, the balance of the center will undergo an extensive facelift and façade improvement plan. The car wash and empty gas station will also be demolished during this process. The combination of these efforts will result in a new look and feel that is representative of the improvements currently taking place in the immediate area. 

In 2017 the Blendon Township Trustees began investing into the Westerville Road Corridor by adding streetlights, landscaping, and fiber optic lines. Everyone is pleased to see new development approaching this area.