Zoning in the November Election

During the Wednesday July 17 Trustee meeting the Blendon Township Board of Trustees passed a resolution placing the question whether or not Blendon Township residents would like to have their own zoning. 

Franklin County currently handles all of the zoning for Blendon Township. The Trustees believe bringing zoning to a local level will enhance services and enable to township to re-build and re-brand at a better pace.  

The proposed zoning text and map does not change any current zoning in place. Zoning at a local level will allow Blendon Township residents the ability to decide on local matters, rather than the county officials. In addition, local zoning will allow code enforcement inspectors the ability to enforce zoning laws, which are most often issues in neighborhoods.

Earlier this year the Trustees created the Blendon Township Zoning Commission which reviewed and suggested changes to the current zoning code in place.