Get Grassy with Clean Water by the Yard

Get Grassy with Clean Water by the Yard

And Receive a Prize to Help You Protect Local Waterways with a Healthy Lawn


4/6/2016 FRANKLIN COUNTY, OHIO— How residents treat their lawn matters for water quality in central Ohio.  Healthy lawns have deeper root systems, drought and disease tolerance, and are better for water quality because they absorb more rainfall.  Residents throughout Franklin County are invited to commit to Get Grassy! for clean water by taking the pledge today. 


Get Grassy! focuses on keeping local waterways clean and lawns green.  “Greater awareness of what we can do every day to reduce rain water runoff and reduce water pollution is at the heart of this program,” says Jennifer, Fish, Director of Franklin Soil and Water.  The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA), and Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) have already implemented a 4R Nutrient program and fertilizer certification training, working with Ohio farmers to minimize nutrient water pollution as a result of improper field applications.  While agriculturalists are doing their part, Fish knew that there was something more that could be done in more urban areas, and partnerships could be made.  “We are excited to be piloting this program with City of Columbus and the lawn care industry,” says Fish.  Through the Get Grassy! program, residents will be reached directly. 


Rain may be great at washing away unwanted dirt, but that dirt, along with other pollutants found on sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and streets is carried to rivers and streams by way of storm drains; harmful pollutants, lawn and pet waste, and soil (dirt) have a detrimental impact on water quality. In 2015, poor water quality made numerous headlines throughout Ohio: a nitrate advisory in June, the detection of microcystin (a toxin produced by blue-green algae) in Lake Erie in July, and toxic blue-green algae in the Ohio River in August.  Residents can do their part by committing to keep rain and fertilizer on their lawn and off of hard surfaces to protect local streams and rivers.   All pledges will receive a prize to incentivize them in their commitment toward water quality stewardship and responsible lawn care management. 


For questions, please call (614) 486-9613 or email Sara Ernst, Conservation Implementation Specialist, at  Visit for healthy lawn management tips, resources, and commit to Get Grassy! by taking the pledge today.