Police Activity, Tuesday, September 30, 2014

10:34am - Trespassing at a house on Kilbourne Ave. Unwanted person told to leave by Officers at homeowners request.

12:16pm - Fist-fight at a taco truck business on Cleveland Ave. Business owner's vehicle damaged during the melee. Combatants were unknown customers who had departed prior to Officers arrival.

6:00pm - Stove removed from a vacant house on Karikal Dr.

7:19pm - Solicitors on Valley Quail N.  Located one non-profit (permit not required), and one commercial solicitor with a Westerville permit who was advised to cease until he gets a Blendon permit.

7:25pm - Beauty Rose & Blue Hen for the same gas leak with Westerville FD. Scheduled for repair.

Other; 1 parking complaint, 1 stalking report, 1 phone scam.