Police Activity, Wednesday October 15, 2014

4:29pm - Report of theft of items from a storage unit on Westerville Rd.

4:39pm - Report of Juveniles playing basketball at a vacant house on Santiago Dr. Officer made contact and advised them to play elsewhere.

6:54pm - Solicitor on Lima Dr. Officer made contact and advised him to get a permit.

Thursday (early morning hours)

2:06am - Officer found an open garage door on Paris Blvd. Owner advised.

2:10am - Officer stopped to talk to a man walking on Valley Quail Blvd. N. Subject said he was out walking due to insomnia.

2:47am - Open garage door and open interior door into a house on Sunwood Pl. Officer found workers doing maintenance inside.

5:08am - Officer contacted a female adult walking on State Route 3. Male, acquaintance was nearby in the lot of Iron Pony. Argument - she got out to walk home. Arrangements made to get her home safely.

Other; 2 injury crashes, 2 non-injury crashes, 3 false alarms, 2 parking complaints, 1 traffic complaint, 1 lockout, 2 domestic disputes, 1 assist other agency (BAC), 1 open door, 1 motorist assist (tire).