Weekend Police Activity, October 17-18-19, 2014


1:12pm - Disturbance at SR3 & SR161. Reported scuffle from SR3 & Dempsey, called from gas station farther south. All parties dispersed without filing a report.

3:19pm - Adult, female shoplifter arrested at Sunbury Plaza. Also, had warrants for theft and OVI from Columbus. Transported to jail.

9:01pm - Caller heard a possible prowler on her back porch on Bashaw Dr. Area checked, nothing found.


11:15am - Found license plate on Cherry Bottom Rd. Returned to owner.

Delayed Report - Caller advised 2 people dressed in black were looking in cars "last night" on Paris Blvd.

10:44pm - Report of a mini-van and people on the baseball diamond at Huber Ridge school. Area checked, nothing found.


12:14am - Caller heard a possible gunshot near Balboa Pl. Area checked, 2 liter pop bottle found with a hole in it, possible "McGuyver Bomb".

12:55am - Shoplifter reported at Speedway, Dempsey & SR3. Fled Southbound on foot.

4:48am - Open door found on a vacant house on Thrasher Loop. Keyholder responded. No evidence of criminal activity found.

8:05am - Two windows broken out of a vehicle on Santiago Dr. Possible bb/pellet gun.

8:16am - Assist Westerville Police; BTPD Officer flagged down by a female. Arrested male subject on Tradewind Dr. on warrants for harassment, menacing, domestic violence.

9:15am - Window broken out of another vehicle on Santiago Dr. Possible bb/pellet gun.

1:31pm - Solicitors on Scissortail Loop. Located. Non-profit, no permit required.

4:01pm - Same solicitors on Bitteroot Dr.

8:10pm - Solicitors on Paris North. Located. Non-profit, no permit required.

8:35pm - With Fire Department, open burn on Beauty Rose.

Other; 2 injury crashes, 3 non-injury crashes, 7 false alarms, 2 juvenile complaints, 2 motorist assists, 3 OVI arrests, 5 traffic complaints, 1 domestic dispute, 1 parking complaint, 2 child welfare checks, 2 lockouts.