Police Activity, Tuesday, October 28, 2014

9:36am - A resident on Hollandia Drive found a purse hanging in a tree in front of a vacant house. She returned the purse to the owner but requested that officers check the vacant house. Officers checked, all secure.

12:15pm - White Mitsubishi parked in front of a vacant house on Cairo Road was impounded as abandoned/expired tags/unable to contact owner.

7:50pm - Officers checked 6 males playing basketball at Wilder School. Custodian told the officer it was okay for them to play there.

8:02pm - Hit-skip at SR3 & SR 161. Only description is that the hit-skip driver was a male, black subject driving a blue car with a child seat in it.

9:39pm - Barking dog complaint from Stockholm Rd. Dog located on Panama Dr. Owner advised.

Other; 1 non-injury crash, 1 injury crash, 1 juvenile complaint.