Weekend Police Activity, October 3-4-5, 2014


12:49am - Report of a customer with a gun in a pub at Sunbury Plaza. Subject gone on arrival. Caller reported that the subject is a regular customer, and that the subject did not pull it out or point it, or threaten anyone. Staff only knew his first name. No other info.

2:54am - Assault at Speedway, Morse & SR3. Subject assaulted a cab driver when the driver told the disruptive customer to get out. Subject arrested for assault and other outstanding arrest warrants and transported to jail.

2:40pm - Report of a male in a black coat tampering with mailboxes on Valley Quail N. Officers checked the area, did not find anyone matching the description. The mailman was on his route in the area, he did not see anyone either.

3:51pm - Solicitor on Manitou Dr. Located. Non-profit (church). Permit not required.

8:20pm - Executive Parkway. Physical confrontation & assault between roommates. One had an asthma attack during the altercation. Both police and fire dispatched. One transported to hospital. One transported to jail.

9:47pm - Counterfeit bill passed at a business at Sunbury Plaza. Fake bill impounded.


4:06pm - Possible road rage called in by another party. Small black sedan vs. black Honda Odyssey at SR# & Dempsey. Area checked. Not located.

8:25pm - Report of a possible prowler in the backyard (heard but not seen) on Makassar Dr. Area checked, nothing located.

8:35pm - Small white and black dog found running loose on Makassar Dr. Officer located owner and returned the dog.

10:27pm - Report of suspicious persons & vehicles on Oslo Dr. Red Honda  & black Infiniti. Sitting for about 30 minutes. Located two males and a female in the Infiniti, talking.

5:25am - Officer found the trunk open on a vehicle on Chickadee Pl. Secured trunk & left note for owner.

Other; 3 traffic complaints, 2 non-injury crashes, 1 wellbeing check, 2 lockouts, 1 custody dispute, 1 juvenile complaint, 2 false alarms, 2 domestic disputes, 1 parking complaint.