Police Activity, Tuesday, October 7, 2014

12:20pm - Report of forged checks at a Westerville Road business.

3:52pm - School bus driver pulled into the lot of the BTPD police station. High School student on the bus home in possession of a can of beer. Released to parents.

9:20pm - Shoplifter detained at a store at Sunbury Plaza.

10:45pm - Speedway, Morse & SR3. Subject stole 3 cases of beer and fled northbound.

11:52pm - Speedway, Morse & SR3. Subject took a smoothie without paying.

Wednesday (early morning hours)

4:42am - Driver reports he went into the Speedway, Morse & SR3, and left his car running in the parking lot.  Be on the lookout for a stolen 2014 dark blue, Chevrolet Cruze, license # FNJ2238.

Other; 2 non-injury crashes, 1 parking complaint, 1 traffic complaint, 1 child welfare check, 1 cyber harassment.