Weekend Police Activity, Saturday & Sunday, 8-9 November 2014


8:43am - Traffic violation at SR3 & I-270 turned into an arrest for no operators license, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

12:59pm - Juveniles cutting through yards and littering near Mexico & Santiago. Located and advised on appropriate behavior.

1:48pm - Report of a suspicious person in the parking lot at Sunbury Plaza. Unable to locate.

1:58am - Report of a theft out of a parked vehicle on Panama Dr.

5:26pm - Keys found at Hoover Dam. Turned over to park rangers.


1:05am - Traffic stop at Strawberry Farms s/o SR161. Driver fled. No pursuit. Not located.

9:55am - Report that someone ransacked a vehicle on Manila Dr. but did not steal anything. A neighbor said that he "chased off" a male, black subject who was rummaging in his vehicle last night but police were not notified. Subject possibly driving a small gray car with a loud muffler. Possible Nissan. Vehicles also reported rummaged through on Santiago & Natalie Court. No items taken.

10:42am - Smoke on Sunwood Place. Fire pit.

12:38pm -  Report of a sick raccoon at Paris & Paris North. Unable to locate.

1:28pm - Second report of a sick raccoon at Paris & Paris North. Went down in the sewer.

4:08pm - Report of a theft from a vehicle overnight on Manila Drive.

Monday (early morning hours)

3:03am - Report of a possible intoxicated adult customer at BP (Sunbury & Valley Quail S.) Transported to his parents house by officer.

Other; 7 false alarms, 2 parking complaints, 2 non-injury crashes, 1 threat, 2 domestic disputes, 1 well-being check, 1 lockout.