Police Activity: Monday November 17, 2014

8:33am: Tree blocking the roadway, cleared, Karikal Drive

9:24am: Tree in the roadway, cleared by Service Dept, Yellowhammer Drive

11:22am: Loose dog with no tags in Ridgewood Park, located and transported back to police station.  Dog was then picked up by Franklin County Animal Control

1210pm: Loose dog in the area of Rangoon Drive, located by Animal Control

4:08pm: Assist Rangers on Hoover reference two males driving motorcycles across the dam, located and advised of trespassing, very cooperative

5:26pm: Assist other agency on a suspicious person, Lakewood Drive,   Canceled in route

7:03pm: Blocking disabled vehicle, Hempstead and Dempsey, traffic control until wrecker arrived

Other: Crash: 2, False Alarms: 2, Domestic Dispute: 2,