Police Activity Wednesday November 19, 2014

8:30am: Disabled vehicle blocking, pushed it out of traffic lane, Rangoon Drive

9:36am: Disabled vehicle assist, 161 & Sunbury

1:26pm: Assist loss prevention with shoplifter at a business, Sunbury Plaza

7:11pm: Known person refusing to leave, located and given trespass warning, Kilbourne Ave

8:15pm: Power outage reported in the area of 161/Ponderosa Drive

12:55am:  Report of possible gunshots fired in the area, Morse Road west of Westerville Road.  Nothing found, possibly occurred further in Columbus jurisdiction that was also checking the area.  Unfounded.

2:13am:  Assist citizen with transportation home, Westerville Road

4:59am: Report of a suspicious car and person, area of Walnut St.  Gone on arrival

Other:  False Alarms: 1, Medical: 2, Domestic Dispute: 1, Vehicle Crash: 1