Weekend Police Activity, Oct 31 & Nov 1-2, 2014


8:57am - Suspicious activity reported at a house on Abington Rd. Officers contacted resident, turned out to be a friend who had lost his keys.

11:15am - Barking dog on Karikal Dr. Note left for owner.

3:55pm - Injury crash I-270 e/o Cleveland. BTPD held scene until CPD could arrive.

4:07pm - Non-injury crash. SR161 & I-270.

5:48pm - 4 car injury crash. SR161 & I-270.

6:23pm - Hit-skip non-injury crash on Rockingham Ct. No suspect vehicle description.

7:15pm - Injury crash. Rollover. SR161 & Sunbury.

8:21pm - Non-injury crash. Sunbury & Valley Quail S.

9:15pm - Injury crash. SR161 & I-270.

11:15pm - Report of a woman walking on I-270 at SR161. Area checked, not found.


1:52am - OVI arrest. SR161 & Buenos Aires Blvd.

2:50am - Hit-skip non-injury crash on Karikal Dr. No suspect vehicle description.

8am-Noon - Women's Self Defense class conducted. 17 ladies participated.

8:59am - Tree down blocking Chester Road. Officers responded & notified Twp. Service Dept. who removed it.

10:57am - Crash, deer struck at Sunbury and Watt.

7:57pm - Report of a man standing on the bridge Sunbury over SR161. Checked, gone on arrival.


1:41am - OVI arrest on Dempsey Road.

7:13am - Report of wheels and tires stolen off of a vehicle on Rockingham Ct.

4:56pm - Shoplifter detained by store loss prevention agents at a Sunbury Plaza business with 27 cans of baby formula.

6:24pm - Report of a suspicious van on Abbington Rd. with the dome light on and someone in it. Area checked. Gone on arrival.

6:50pm - Injury crash at Dempsey & SR3. The at-fault driver was under a license suspension and had an active arrest warrant for non-payment of child support. Arrested and transported to jail.

9:09pm - Report of a suspicious Nissan Maxima driving slow through the neighborhood on Valley Quail S. Area checked, not located.

9:17pm - Report of a fight in front of a house on Panama Dr. Turned out to be a loud argument.

Other; 1 domestic violence (male subject arrested), 1 domestic dispute, 1 parking complaint, 7 false alarms, 1 medical, 1 stand-by for property, 1 assist other agency (BAC), 2 traffic complaints.