Holiday Police Activity; November 26-27-28-29, 2014


10:47am - Report of wheels stolen from a vehicle at a business on Morse Rd. overnight.

1:07pm - Suspicious vehicle driving slow for extended time at Hoover Dam. Made contact with a photographer taking pictures.

4:57pm - Report of a small campfire at Hoover Dam. Officer put it out.

8:29pm - Sunbury Plaza. What started as a Handicap parking violation ticket, ended as an arrest for driving under suspension and possession of illegal drugs.

9:21pm - Non-injury crash at Sunbury & SR161. At-fault driver arrested for OVI.

9:49pm - Robbery (purse snatching) in front of the Redbox machine at Sunbury Plaza. Teenage girl's purse was grabbed, subject fled on foot toward Yellowhammer Dr. chased by customers. Subject bit a customer who apprehended her. Officers arrived and arrested the 30 year-old, white female subject and charged her with robbery. Transported to jail. Property recovered.

Thursday (Thanksgiving Day)

2:40am - BTPD officer observed a man sitting in a parked car in the 5700 block of Buenos Aires Blvd and ran a computer check on the tag. Warrant hit. Driver arrested for multiple traffic-related warrants out of Gahanna.

3:43am - BTPD officer responded to an Upper Arlington officer's location. Subject under arrest for a BTPD OVI warrant. Transported to jail.

10:14am - Car fire at Harbin & Lisbon.

11:02am - Fight between employees at McDonald's (Sunbury Plaza). No charges. Employees sent home by manager.

3:40pm - Report of a burglary on Manila Dr. sometime over the previous 24 hours. No sign of forced entry.

5:21pm - Suspicious vehicle on Manitou Dr. Driving slow through the neighborhood. Made contact with the relative of a resident teaching his son how to drive.

6:01pm - Suspicious vehicle on Sunwood Place. Officer made contact with former residents visiting friends.

11:53pm - SR161 & Buenos Aires; BTPD officer observed and stopped a hit-skip suspect vehicle from an earlier crash in Columbus. Held until CPD arrived.


12:14am - Suspicious black, pick-up truck and several males on Oslo Dr. Gone on arrival.

6:04am - Suspicious vehicle/person with a flashlight at a vacant house on Oslo Dr. Officer made contact with a realtor checking the property.

6:52pm - Report of an intoxicated male in the parking lot of Sunbury Plaza. Officers located the subject who was intoxicated and looking for his car. Contacted his wife who responded and picked him up.

10:21pm - BTPD officer stopped a traffic violator at Paris & Saigon. Car was stolen. Driver arrested for Receiving Stolen Property. Passenger arrested for 12 outstanding traffic-related arrest warrants.


10:21pm - BTPD Officer observed two suspicious vehicles behind the church on Walnut Street & located two male, white adults (both age 19) . Charges for possession of alcohol,   marijuana & drug paraphernalia. Parents responded to pick them up.

3:40am - Report of two subjects allegedly using drugs in the female bathroom at Speedway (Morse & SR3). Officers observed the subjects leaving on foot, northbound on SR3 and made contact with a male,black subject (age 24) and arrested him for outstanding arrest warrants for soliciting and criminal mischief, and a female, black subject who was arrested for an outstanding felony warrant for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. No drugs found.

Other; 2 non-injury crashes, 1 juvenile complaint, 1 roommate dispute, 8 false alarms, 1 domestic dispute, 1 domestic violence (with arrest), 1 parking complaint and 5 traffic complaints.