Police Activity, Monday, November 3, 2014

7:05am - Traffic signal out at SR161 & Buenos Aires Blvd. BTPD directed traffic until ODOT responded and fixed it.

10:37am - Elderly man walking on SR161 & Sunbury Road.  Officer gave him a ride to SR161 & Cleveland Ave.

3:19pm - No Minerva Park unit available, checked for a suspicious red van on Maplewood Dr. Gone on arrival.

11:54pm - Man sleeping in van at Speedway, Morse & SR3. told to leave at request of manager.

Tuesday (early morning hours)

2:56am - Report of two men causing a disturbance in the parking lot at Sunbury Plaza. Gone on arrival.

Other; 1 injury crash, 1 non-injury crash, 1 lockout, 1 medical.