Police Activity; Monday December 22, 2014

11:49am - Report of a catalytic converter removed from a vehicle at a business on Westerville Road.

12:52pm - Cherokee Rose Dr. A resident saw a male subject take a delivered package off a porch & took a picture of the car and called BTPD. Our officers later located the car in Huber Ridge and arrested one adult and two juveniles. Also recovered were approximately 10-12 packages. Most packages were stolen from Sunbury Woods and from homes in Westerville near Westerville South High School. We are working with Westerville Police and we are still in the process of contacting the residents whose addresses are on the packages. Some items have been removed from the boxes and do not have addresses & names. If you are missing a package please call 614.882.8500.

1:40pm - Report of juveniles walking in the creek at Ridgewood Park. Checked. Located. Advised.

2:10pm - Report of a parked car that was hit-skipped at Sunbury Plaza by a red Toyota (now has front drivers-side damage). Suspect driver described as an elderly white male.

2:19pm - Report of a male subject in Ridgewood Park wearing camo carrying an assault rifle. Area checked, not located. Witness in the park said they saw teens playing with airsoft guns prior to officer arrival.

Tuesday (early morning hours)

1:20am - Officer observed suspicious person at a car lot on Westerville Road. Turned out to be their repo man.

Other; 1 motorist assist (out of gas), 1 assist other agency (crash).