Weekend Police Activity, September 19-20-21, 2014


1:35pm - Children left unattended in a vehicle at Sunbury Plaza. Gone on arrival.

1:51pm - Children left unattended in a vehicle at Glengarry Center. Gone on arrival.

3:53pm - Juveniles smoking marijuana in Ridgewood Park. No contraband found but juveniles did admit to the offense. Released to parents.


12:19am - Caracas & Montevideo. Arrest made. Subject charged out of the theft case that was reported last Thursday where lawn equipment was stolen off of a trailer overnight on Oslo Dr.

1:57am - Suspicious vehicle at Speedway SR3 & Morse Rd. Gone on arrival.

8:25am - Complaint of loud roosters on Paris Blvd. Checked house. No answer. Case referred to the Zoning Department for follow up.

6:45pm - Open door found by BTPD officers on a closed business on Westerville Rd. Door had been pried. Door was re-secured. No loss believed to have occurred at this time.

9:02pm - Juveniles trespassing at a vacant house near Hoover Reservoir. Released to parents.

11:09pm - Hoover Dam. Report of subjects throwing rocks at boats. Gone on arrival.


12:19am - Hoover Dam. Report of male & female adult smoking marijuana. Small amount of marijuana found at scene.

12:21am - Report of a man grabbing a woman on Hempstead Rd. Called in by a passer-by. Area checked. Unable to locate.

3:21pm - Hit-skip at Speedway SR3 & Morse Rd. Black BMW hit black Toyota and fled. Victim gave suspect vehicle information, description and plate #, then refused to file a report.

Other; 1 found property, 3 traffic complaints, 8 false alarms, 3 assist other agency (BAC), 1 suicide attempt, 2 non-injury crashes, 1 threat.