Weekend Police Activity, September 5-6-7, 2014


8:25am - Report of a go-cart stolen from the yard of a residence on Westerville Rd.

10:35am - Report of a vehicle stolen from the lot of a business on Westerville Rd.

12:05pm - Post Office at Glengarry Center. Customer dispute.

3:17pm - Customer dispute at a business on Morse Rd.

3:30pm - Report of a dog biting a woman at Hoover Dam. Owner letting a boxer run off of the leash.

6:14pm Suspicious persons at Huber Ridge school. Two 18 year olds smoking. Checked and Advised.


12:19am - Loitering at Speedway, SR3 & Morse. Two male subjects advised to leave.

1:43am - Speedway, SR3 & Morse. Male subject stole beer and fled westbound.

12:33pm - Report of a window broken out of a mini-van on Bluebonnet Ct. Cause undetermined.

6:55pm - Report of a man with a gun in a holster walking along Dempsey Rd. Area checked, not located.

11:03pm - Report of motorcycle speeding on Fox Run Rd. Area checked. Not located.


4:48pm - Bitterroot Dr. Arrested a female subject known to have warrants on file through Delaware County. Transferred to their custody.

Other; 2 false alarms, 1 motorist assist, 1 threat, 1 parking complaint, 2 domestic disputes, 3 traffic complaints, 2 medical, 1 suicide attempt.