Weekend Police Activity; January 23-24-25, 2015


10:19am - Caller reports suspicious persons at a home on Bangasi Rd. Checked and located home inspectors.

8:13pm - Traffic violator at SR161 & SR3. Driver arrested for OVI.

8:34pm - Report of a suspicious person in a dark, hooded sweatshirt going through a trash can on Dakar West. Area checked, not located.


12:07am - Couple standing in the parking lot of Sunbury Plaza. Had been drinking. Waiting for a ride.

1:21am - BTPD Officer observed suspicious person on the lot of a closed business on Westerville Rd. Employee.

2:12am - OVI arrest at SR3 & Dempsey Rd.

3:41am - Fight on the lot of Speedway (Morse & SR3). One combatant fled on foot, not located. His car was towed by Speedway management. Other combatant claimed to be the victim of an assault, but did not want to file a report or press charges.

2:16pm - Hit skip on the lot of Sunbury Plaza. No visible damage, no report.

8:40pm - Hit-skip on Cooper Rd. Suspect vehicle located later in Columbus by BTPD and towed. Driver located next day (Sunday) and charged.


4:30am - SR3 & Cooper Rd. OVI arrest.

9:01pm - Possible prowler on Karikal Dr. Footprints in snow. Area checked, subject not located.

Other; 1 non-injury crash, 1 injury crash, 4 false alarms, 1 property dispute, 1 suicide threat, 1 juvenile complaint, 1 assist other agency (dispatched as robbery, turned out to be theft), 2 traffic complaints, 2 lockouts, 1 report of theft by a known person, 3 domestic disputes, 1 domestic violence (arrest), 1 civil dispute, 1 missing juvenile returned home.