Police Activity; Monday January 5, 2015

7:12am - Report of suspicious vehicle at the church on Walnut St. Cleaning crew.

1:25pm - Report of a refrigerator stolen from a vacant house on Bluebird Ct.

2:35pm - Caller reported suspicious person in car on Buenos Aires Blvd. Made contact with a parent waiting for child to get out of school.

5:25pm - Report of white box truck driving back and forth on Hunt Club Dr. N. Area checked, not located.

6:32pm - Caller reports neighbors garage door open all day. Checked house in Sunbury Woods. Residents home all day, all okay.

9:49pm - Suspicious driver/vehicle parked on the lot of a closed business on Westerville Rd. Playing a video game.

9:55pm - SR3 at Paris Blvd. BTPD officer stopped a bicyclist for riding her bike on a state highway with no lights, at night. Arrested the adult, female for multiple outstanding traffic warrants. Transported to jail.

Tuesday (early morning hours)

2:22am - Caller reported a man stealing out of cars on East Shore Drive in Minerva Park. No Minerva Park or Sheriff cars available. BTPD responded and arrested a 32 year old, male, white, subject, with extensive previous criminal history of theft. Some property recovered and returned to owner.

Other; 2 lockouts, 2 false alarms, 1 non-injury crash, 1 parking complaint, 1 standby for property, 1 domestic dispute.