Weekend Police Activity; October 16-17-18 , 2015


7:53 am – Non-injury crash; Dempsey & Hempstead.

1:45 pm – Non-injury crash; SR3 s/o Dempsey Rd.

3:03 pm – Injury crash; Schott & Smothers.

3:38 pm – Report of a suspicious truck on Bader Ct. Made contact with driver, broken down, waiting on ride.

4:12 pm – Domestic violence. Male subject fled on foot into Ridgewood Park. Multiple agencies and K9 checked park. Subject found hiding under the bridge. Arrested.

6:43 pm – Injury crash; Sunbury & Executive.

8:40 pm - Customer causing a disturbance in a bar at Glengary Center. Officers arranged a ride home.

11:39 pm - Non-injury crash; Central College & Cubbage Rd.

Other Friday; 2 false alarms, 1 stand-by for custody, 1 stand-by for property, 1 medical issue, 1 traffic complaint.


2:17 am – Cooper w/o SR3; OVI arrest. Female driver, age 28.

2:53 am – Blood covered man asking for help at Sunbury Plaza. Assaulted at Lake Forest Apartments (behind Taco Bell, in Columbus). BTPD assisted Columbus Police. 3 subjects arrested for assault. Victim transported to St Ann’s Hospital.

11:59 am – Gas leak on Central College Rd. One lane shut down for repair.

3:49 pm – Injury crash; Dempsey e/o Hempstead.

7:38 pm – Shoplifter in custody at Sunbury Plaza. Female subject, age 45, had outstanding arrest warrants for theft. Transported to jail.

11:09 pm – Suspicious vehicle/person sitting in the bay at Sunbury Auto/Pet Wash on Executive Parkway. Stated he was just sitting and thinking.

11:24 pm – Resident returned home and found door knob knocked off on Harbin Court. No entry was made, nothing stolen.

Other Saturday; 2 false alarms, 1 traffic complaint, 1 notification.



1:12 am – Assist Westerville police with large group at Hideaway Woods. Arrest for disorderly conduct.

1:32 pm Shoplifter detained at Sunbury Plaza.


Other Sunday; 1 traffic complaint, 1 medical issue, 1 assist other agency (FCSO) back up on traffic stop, 1 false alarm, 1 theft report, 1 stand-by for property, 1 lockout.


Monday (early morning hours)


5:13 am – Report of a suspicious person at Sunbury Plaza. Male subject said he was kicked out of the car he was riding in, now pacing and waiting for another ride.