Police Activity; Wednesday October 21, 2015

8:08 am – Report of a suspicious car on Vickers Dr. Checked, parked legally.

8:50 am – Caller reports that she was hit by a bagel that came flying out of the bushes at a business at Sunbury Plaza. Officers checked the bushes and the area, nothing located.

9:20 am – Injury crash; SR161 e/o Sunbury Rd.

11:09 am – Report of a dog of a dog left unattended in a car on Executive Parkway. Area checked, unable to locate.

3:36 pm – Non-injury crash; Paris & Rangoon.

3:56 pm – Non-injury crash; SR161 & Buenos Aires.

4:58 pm – Report of teens hanging out by the retaining wall on SR161 under Sunbury Rd. Area checked, not located.

5:58 pm – Caller stated that her vehicle was hit by a hit-skip driver at Sunbury and Executive. Caller refused to file a report. Minor damage.

7:42 pm – Report of a bike stolen on Montevideo Dr. Red & White Schwinn Brand.

9:17 pm – Marijuana and pipe found of the ground at Sunbury Plaza. Impounded.

11:19 pm – Hit-skip non-injury crash at Sunbury & Valley Quail South. Suspect vehicle, a black Honda Civic, fled south on Sunbury. Under investigation.

Other; 4 false alarms, 2 open doors found.