Weekend Police Activity; October 23-24-25, 2015


10:16 am – Injury crash; Sunbury & Executive Parkway.

11:32 am – Report of a firearm brandished during a road rage. Both vehicles stopped at Sunbury & Yellowhammer. No firearm involved.

2:24 pm – Wallet found at Sunbury Plaza. Impounded.

4:38 pm - Non-injury crash; Sunbury Plaza.

7:50 pm – BTPD Officer found a male subject sleeping in a vehicle at Ridgewood Park. All okay. Driver went elsewhere. Park closes at dark.

8:36 pm – Report of a parked car struck by a hit-skip diver on Bader Ct.

8:45 pm - 3 teens in Ridgewood Park. Advised that the park closes at dark.

10:37 pm – Alarm at a business on Morse Rd. Broken glass & forced entry. Under investigation.

Other Friday; 1 lockout, 5 false alarms, 1 counterfeit bill passed, 2 traffic complaints,1 open door, 1 domestic dispute.


1:28 am - Report of two suspicious persons at Huber Ridge School. Contacted one subject on his way home from work. Unable to locate a second subject.

2:53 am – Report of a suspicious person sitting in a vehicle on Minerva Ave. Resident just sitting in their car.

3:30 am – Report of a suspicious person in a vehicle on Dempsey Rd. Officer made contact. Dispatch delivery driver.

5:34 am – Officer saw a female adult in the bushes at Sunbury Plaza. Not intoxicated. Other issues. Officer made sure she got safely on her way.

9:43 am – Report of suspicious activity; lighting fires in the parking lot at Hoover Dam Park. Turned out to be Japanese lanterns.

3:23 pm – Report of a bike stolen from Madrid Dr. Silver, “Giant” brand.

5:36 pm – Domestic dispute in the parking lot at Sunbury Plaza.

5:52 pm - Report of three bikes stolen from a yard on Paris Blvd. Thefts occurred September 9th. Gold & silver “Mongoose”, brand (1) & one blue and one purple “Roadmaster” (2).

6-8 pm - Halloween Party; Ridgewood Park.

7:02 pm – 9-1-1 call from a cell phone near Woodvale Court. Unable to locate.

8:50 pm - Report of boater in the water at Hoover Reservoir. Westerville Fire and Delaware County units responded. Location in Delaware County.

10:56 pm – Disturbance reported at McDonalds, Sunbury Plaza. Manager says all okay.

Other Saturday; 4 open doors found, 2 customer disputes, car found with dome light on (accidental).


12:08 am – Customer highly intoxicated and trying to fight other customers and staff at a bar at Glengary Center. Male subject (age 38) arrested.

3:50 am – Two cars, occupied, sitting at the pumps for over an hour at Speedway (Morse & SR3). Manager wanted them told to leave. Officer told them to leave and they left.

5:41 am – BTPD Officer found a truck with keys in it at Glengary Center. Owner of the truck returned, staggering, from the area of the creek at Paris & SR3, soaked, shivering, no shoes, highly intoxicated. Owner was unable to explain his circumstances. Transported by medics to hospital. Truck impounded.

7:30 am – Deer fell through a pool cover and into a pool on Santiago Drive. Deer was able to free itself. BTPD Officers assisted the resident by helping to install another pool cover.

10:46 am – Report of a dog running loose on Sunbury Rd. Area checked, unable to locate.

15:44 pm – Neighbor found one of the bikes reported stolen on Saturday (stolen in September). Returned to owner. Search continues for the other bikes.

7:33 pm – BTPD Officers responded to a dog bite on Carthage Ct. Adult female transported to hospital by medics. Dog and owner located on Montford Dr. W. Owner cited by Franklin County Animal Control. Bite occurred on Montford Dr. W.

10:03 pm – Shots heard near Ravine Drive. Area checked, nothing located.

Other Sunday; 1 false alarm, 1 identity theft, 1 missing juvenile (returned),  1 parking complaint, 1 lost wallet reported (not the one found on Friday), 1 open door, 1 traffic complaint.