Weekend Police Activity; October 2-3-4, 2015


4:33 pm Cleveland/Clybourne Road- Assist other agency with search of male subject on foot who fled from a vehicle involved in a non-injury crash. 

4:44pm Executive Parkway- lock out on a vehicle.  Entry gained.

8:17 pm Sunbury Road- caller reports 3 males harassing customers.  Left prior to police arrival.

8:39 pm- Sunbury Road- officer located unattended vehicle running with keys in the ignition.  Officers confiscated the keys until the owner arrived.  Warning issued.

1:19 am Executive Parkway- caller request assistance in locating a co worker.  Subject was located later on that morning.

Juvenile Complaint: 3, False Alarms: 3, Open Doors: 2.


10:48 am Glengary- caller reports a wallet laying in the road.  Unable to locate.

12:15 pm270@Rt. 3 – caller reports possible water main break. Area checked. 

1:15 pm 161/Buenos Aires Blvd.- non injury crash.

3:35 pm Morse Road- non injury crash.

7:59 pm Sunbury Road- assist loss prevention with a shop lifter.

8:33 pm 161 W/B at the tunnel- injury crash.

1:25 pm Executive Parkway- caller reports loud noise complaint coming from the neighbor.  Officer made contact with the neighbor and advised to keep it down.

3:57 am 270/161 area of- caller reports wrong way driver.  Unable to locate.

False Alarms: 2, Medical Assist: 2.


10:42 am Rt.3/270- assist FD with a fuel spill.

12:42 pm Karikal Drive – report of damage to the yard.

6:15 pm Rt.3/270- injury crash

6:33 pm Kilbourne Avenue- caller reports damage to window.

1:56 am Thrasher Loop- officer discovered vehicle with dome light on.  Owner advised accidental.

False Alarm: 1, Medical Assist: 1.