Police Activity; Tuesday November 17, 2015

7:19am - Brazzaville Rd; report of damage done to vehicle overnight.

4:25pm - Kroger; report of shoplifting.  Through investigation, the vehicle and driver were identified and a summons was issued for Theft on a male, age 57.  Subject also found to have warrant through Westerville Police.  Arrested and turned over to WPD. 

4:55pm - SR3/I270; report of shots heard in the area.  Officers checked and heard nothing further, saw nothing suspicious. 

5:40pm - Paris Blvd/SR 3; report of suspicious black car.  Unable to locate.

2:09am - Dakar Rd; found open rear vehicle hatch.  All ok, owner just forgot to close it. 

Other:  1 911 hang up(phone line trouble), 1 lockout, 1 suicide attempt, 1 juvenile complaint