Weekend Police Activity; 28-29 November 2015


10:21 am - Injury crash; SR161 & I-270.

2:40 pm - Injury crash; SR161 & I-270.

5:37 pm - Injury crash; SR161 w/o SR3.

5:58 pm - Fight on Kilbourne Ave. Both combatants gone on arrival.

8:15 pm - Injury crash; SR161 & I-270.

9:06 pm – Report of a dog running loose at Dempsey & Sunbury. Unable to locate.

10:33 pm – Car door left open at Sunbury Plaza. Accidental.

Other Saturday; 3 false alarms, 1 parking complaint, 1 suicide threat, 1 traffic complaint, 1 assist other agency (back up)


12:15 am – Non-injury crash; SR161 & I-270.

1:17 am – Injury crash; I-270 & SR161.

2:25 pm – BTPD Officer observed two vehicles parked at Glengary Center with no license plates. Neither reported stolen.

5:12 am – BTPD Officer found a car on Cairo Road with the dome light on. Contacted owner, just got home, accidental.

Other Sunday; 1 stand-by for custody exchange, 4 parking complaints, 1 unwanted guest at a residence (left without incident).

Monday (early morning hours)

12:29 am – Report of a prowler on Dempsey Road. Caller heard someone trying to enter rear door and motion light came on. Officers on the scene in under 2 minutes from dispatch. Checked yards and neighborhood. Unable to locate any prowler.

2:03 am – Two male, subjects and a truck behind a closed business on Westerville Road. “Scrappers” diving the dumpsters.

2:28 am – Male subject on a bike in the area of Madrid & Panama. Local resident stated he was on his way home from work.