Weekend Police Activity; November 6-7-8, 2015


7:30 am – Report of protesters on Dempsey Road bridge. No violations, 1st amendment protected.

9:11 am – Report of a suspicious couple in a vehicle at Glengary Center. Car would not start, waiting for a friend to pick them up.

9:39 am – Injury crash; Sunbury & Valley Quail South.

10:30 am – Report of a suspicious gold car circling the block on Caracas Dr. Area checked, not located.

4:45 pm – Suspicious person knocking on door on Bader Court. Made contact with the knocker. No violation.

5:20 pm – Shoplifter detained at Sunbury Plaza.

8:15 pm – Report of suspicious persons at Panama & Buenos Aires. Landlord showing house to a potential renter.

11:37 pm – Intoxicated person at a business on Morse Rd. Stated he had no way to get home. Officer transported him home.

Other Friday; 1 lockout.


12:09 pm - Officer made contact with a suspicious person in the area of Paris & Madrid. Stated he was walking home. Called for a ride from another person who lived with him, who then came and picked him up.

1:50 pm – BTPD Officer observed a female adult subject, age 42, urinating in the parking lot at Glengary center (charged). Male acquaintance with her, age 36, charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.  Both were issued summons and transported to the motel where they were living.

2:36 am – Report that a strange male subject, in a gray shirt, knocked on the door of a residence on Montevideo Rd. Caller would not answer the door, but then observed the man enter another house across the street. Officers responded to the home where it was reported the man entered and found an open door. Officers entered and found an elderly person and children inside. Officers checked the house but did not find any intruder. Officers checked the area and stood by at the house until the parent/homeowner returned.

3:03 am – Officer on patrol found a Yorkie puppy at Paris North & Karikal. No collar. Turned over to Franklin County Animal Control Telephone # 614.525.3647.

3:34 am - Caller reported screaming in the area of Sunwood & Sunlawn. Officers found a male subject who said he had an argument with a female. Female found later hiding behind a tree on Valley Quail South. Both stated there was no violence and no threats. Both transported to separate locations at their request. Their car was left legally parked at the scene.

10:58 am - Caller reported that they had struck a deer on Kilbourne Ave the night before. Deer located and removed.

9:15 pm – Disturbance at Speedway (Morse and SR3). Customer paid $20 and then wanted it back stating he did not pump gas, clerk says he did pump $20 worth of gas.

Other Saturday; 1 custody dispute, 1 lockout.


2:24 am – Caller reported barking dogs on Central College Rd. Officer responded. Coyotes howling in the wood line.

10:43 am – Manager at a business on Westerville Rd. requested police stand by while an employee was terminated.

9:07 pm – Non-injury crash; Sunbury & SR161.

2:56 am - Manager of a bar at Sunbury Plaza called to get assistance on 6 male subjects who would not leave and were verbally abusive. Primary trouble maker gone on police arrival. Others dispersed peacefully.

Other Sunday; 4 false alarms, 1 assist other agency (back up FCSO), 1 open door.