Police Activity; Wednesday and Thursday, December 9 and 10 2015


11:02am -  Suspicious vehicle in business parking lot.  Vehicle not reported stolen, nothing suspicious.  Advised on private property owner's rights to abandoned vehicles. 

9:14pm - Buenos Aires Blvd./Ridgewood Park; Male, age 18 arrested for OVI and drug paraphernalia during traffic stop. 

10:03pm - Threat report from known party. 

2:28am - Buenos Aires Blvd/Mexico Rd.; officers stopped a subject walking while carrying a vehicle bumper.  Officers determined the subject had been driving and had crashed but were unable to determine the exact location.  The male, age 29, was arrested for OVI.   

5:09am - Carnation Dr./Valley Quail Blvd N.; suspicious vehicle with a large hitch on the rear.  Possibly a repo truck.  Officers were unable to locate the truck. 

Other:  3 open garage doors, 1 juvenile complaint, 1 false alarm.


7:09am - SR 161/Little Turtle; injury crash.

7:20am - Buenos Aires Blvd./Harbin Dr.; non-injury crash.

11:08am - Theft of catalytic converters from business on SR 3.

2:39pm - Brazzaville Rd./Cairo Rd.; male arrested for warrant on disturbance call.  Male assaulted an officer and medic (they are both ok) and managed to injure himself.  Male was taken to the hospital and then to jail on numerous charges.

3:21pm - Batavia Rd.; solicitors going door-to-door.  Advised on Twp policy.

4:09pm - Makassar Dr./Karikal Dr.; solicitors.  Unable to locate.

7:36pm- Thrasher Loop; suspicious white pickup truck.  Unable to locate.

8:49pm- Montevideo Rd.; solicitors, located and advised on Twp policy. 

Other:  1 juvenile complaint, 1 medical assist.