Police Activity; Thursday, December 17, 2015

11:31am - Smothers Rd./Silver Lake Dr.; disabled vehicle.  Officers stood by directing traffic until roadside assistance changed the tire. 

11:47am - SR 3/Corporate Dr.; non-injury crash.

12:38pm - Sunbury Plaza; report of potentially impaired driver leaving the plaza in a maroon vehicle.  Unable to locate. 

1:49pm - Male causing disturbance at business on Morse Rd.  Located and released subject to family members. 

3:27pm - Glengary Center; business received several calls in attempt to obtain credit card information on the phone.  No info given, no loss. 

4:01pm - Sharon Rd./Ashbury Rd.; Parking complaint.  Vehicle was parked legally, caller advised. 

5:10pm - Sunbury Plaza; male subject attempted to cash fraudulent money order.  Subject stated he was issued money order for more than he was owed and was advised to cash it and send the remaining cash to issuer.  No loss, advised this was common scam technique. 

Other:   1 false alarm. 


NEVER agree to cash a check/money order for an amount over what you are owed.  This is a common scheme to take advantage of someone who doesn't recognize what is too good to be true.  The perpetrator is depending on you to turn a false/forged document into cash for them, and assume all the risk!  

NEVER give credit card information over the phone from an unknown or unverified caller.