Police Activity; Tuesday December 1, 2015

8:19 am – Report of a Breaking & Entering to a business on Cleveland Avenue. Under investigation.

9:08 am – Panhandler at SR3 & I-270. On contact the Officer discovered that the Panhandler had a vehicle nearby with improper vehicle registration.

9:42 am – Injury crash; SR3 & Dempsey Rd.

10:33 am – Injury crash; SR161 & I-270.

10:40 am – Hit-skip non-injury crash; SR161 & I-270. At-fault drive got out and fled on foot. Officer went and got him and brought him back.

12:30 pm – Injury crash; SR3 & I-270.

1:09 pm – Report of a suspicious female at Glengary Center.  Located nearby and the Officer called a friend who came and picked her up.

13:09 pm – Suspicious note left on a door of a residence in Huber Ridge. Turned out to be the former home owner. No violation.

2:45 pm – Injury crash; Cooper w/o SR3.

3:07 pm – Injury crash; Sunbury & SR161.

3:20 pm – Non-injury crash; SR161 & Buenos Aires.

3:31 pm – Non-injury crash; Sunbury & SR161.

4:57 pm – Non-injury crash; SR3 & I-270.

5:07 pm – Injury crash; I-270 & Cooper Rd.

6:20 pm – Injury crash; SR3 & Cooper Rd.

7:12 pm Caller saw several persons with flashlights in a backyard on Vickers Dr. BTPD Officers checked the area and found an open rear window on a vacant house on Hunt Club Dr. Officers checked the house, nothing seemed broken, missing or disturbed.

Other; 1 juvenile complaint, 3 false alarms, 1 domestic dispute.