Weekend Police Activity; 4-6 December 2015


1:11pm - Cooper Rd.; Non-injury crash. 

3:07pm - Natalie Ct. N; barking dog.  Nothing heard by responding officer.

4:58pm - 5700 block of SR 3; non-injury, hit-skip crash.  Suspect vehicle is dark green Buick LeSabre. 

7:52pm - Dempsey Rd/SR 3; vehicle spun out near intersection.  Vehicle was not able to be located, no apparent crash scene.

10:05pm - 4400 block of Valley Quail Blvd N.; non-injury, hit-skip crash.  Officers determined the at-fault party left a note with contact information (as required by law).  No further police action. 

1:19am - 5800 Block of SR 3; reported fight at local bar.  Verbal altercation only, parties separated.

1:50am - Dempsey Rd./Bangasi Dr.; suspicious subject.  Located local resident on walk. 

2:39am - 6000 block of SR 3; report of disturbance in parking lot of a business.  Male, age 54 arrested for Physical Control (impaired and behind the wheel, but not driving). 

Other:  1 juvenile complaint, 1 false alarm, 1 custody exchange, 1 medic assist, 1 911 hang-up, 1 open door


1:08 pm - Assist Westerville Police with subject breaking into hotel room at business on S. State St.  Subject arrested by Westerville PD. 

8:08pm - SR 3/SR 161; Non-injury crash. 

11:23pm - Paris Blvd/Varadero Dr.; shots heard by officers.  Area checked, nothing further heard or seen. 

1:36am - SR 161/Strawberry Farms; officers seized drug paraphernalia on traffic stop.

2:10am - Bangasi Rd.; officer found 2 residents standing between vehicles.  Residents talking, all ok.

3:15am - Reported impaired drive at drive thru business on Executive Pkwy.  Unable to locate.

5:02am - I-270/SR 161; Male, age 18, arrested for giving false information and outstanding drug warrant.

Other:  1 juvenile complaint, 1 animal complaint, 1 custody exchange, 2 medic assists, 1 false alarm.


6:02pm - Dempsey Rd./Hempstead Rd.; non-injury crash. 

9:48pm - Rainier Dr./Covert Ct.; Female, age 26 arrested for Assault warrant out of Licking County during traffic stop. 

12:25am - Santiago Dr; dome light on inside vehicle.  Owner notified. 

Other:  2 medic assists, 1 false alarm, 1 911 hang-up, 1 suicide threat, 2 vehicle lockouts.