Police Activity Monday February 9, 2015

8:00 am Westerville Road and 270, disabled vehicle, officers pushed out of the road.

10:24 am Copenhagen Drive, parking complaint.  Officer located vehicle owner and he will get it moved.

12:07 pm Cleveland Avenue, caller reports abandoned vehicle on the lot.  Officer checked, not stolen. Property owner advised on how to remove.

12:39 pm, Buenos Aires Blvd., caller reports solicitors in the area.  Officer located and advised to cease and acquire Township permit.

4:27 pm Walnut Street, callers dog discovered a bone.  Officer was able to verify animal bone.

6:01 pm Kilbourne Avenue, caller reports verbal arguing.  One of the men found to have a warrant and was taken to jail without incident.

6:24 pm 161 & Buenos Aires Blvd., caller reports possible intoxicated person.  Officers located the man and turned him over to a responsible person.

12:35 am: Westerville road, caller reports doors locked and cannot locate store clerk.  Officers arrived and located employee taking a break.  All ok.

Non-Injury Crash: 1, Assist the medics: 1,  Hit skip Non-Injury Crash: 1,