Weekend Police Activity; 30-31 January & 1 February, 2015


2:45pm - BTPD Officer observed two suspicious, adult males walking on Veradero Dr.  Officer stopped to talk to them and one stopped, but one kept walking. Officer called for another BTPD Officer. Both men stated that they were going door to door trying to make money snow-shoveling. Neither had a snow shovel. Both had warrants out for their arrest. Both were arrested. One transported to the county jail and one to the Dublin Justice Center. One was a resident of Dublin, one from Columbus.


12:05 am - Irate customer causing a disturbance at Speedway (Morse & SR3). Officer resolved without arrest.

4:09pm - Report of kids on the ice at Hoover Reservoir, Sunbury & Marlene area. Ice checked, not located.

4:39pm - Irate customers at a business on Morse Rd. Gone on arrival.

4:55pm - Fight between two subjects at a used car lot on Westerville Rd. One combatant gone on arrival, one combatant transported by medics to the hospital. Both subjects from Africa. Injured subject had great difficulty describing what happened due to a language barrier. Officers attempted follow-up at the hospital, but the man had walked out of the ER on his own (and without treatment) after the medics left. Unable to locate.


12:57am - OVI arrest  at Arnett & Dahlgreen. (Male, age 62).

1:03am - Caller reported that the door at Speedway (SR3 & Dempsey Rd.) was locked with an employee inside not responding to knocks at the door. Officer made contact with employee. Found to be safe and secure just dealing with a personal crisis.

6:16am - Male subject (age 18) found sleeping in a vehicle on Natalie Court. Charged with underage consumption of alcohol and transported home.

8:51am - Report of a fox in a yard on Rangoon Dr. Fox gone on arrival.

1:19pm - Report of a suspicious orange Honda driving slow on Executive Parkway. Area checked, not located.

7:45pm - Caller states that while at the RedBox at Sunbury Plaza, they had left their car locked but running in the parking lot. They looked back and saw three males in a silver car stop by their car. One male got out and tried the door handle of the caller's car, then got back in the suspect vehicle and left southbound on Sunbury Road. Area checked, not located.

9:01pm - OVI arrest at Sunbury & Central College. (Male, age 35)

11:41pm - Car into a ditch on Lee Road. Driver arrested for OVI. (Female, age 23).

Other; 4 non-injury crashes, 1 injury crash, 1 medical issue, 1 parking complaint, 3 lockouts, 1 assist other agency, 5 false alarms.