Weekend Police Activity: February 20-21-22, 2015


9:22am - Report of suspicious males at a home on Dakar East. Movers; resident moving out.

12:46pm - BTPD & CPD SWAT worked a search warrant on Rockingham Court. Columbus case.

2:21pm - Checked a house in Huber Ridge for a missing teen out of Licking County. Not there. Teen later located at Glengary Center, back in custody of grandma.

3:36pm - Threats during a business dispute at a lot on Westerville Road. No charges.


12:26am - Open gate found at a car lot on Westerville Rd. Lot checked, gate re-secured.

12:48am - OVI arrest at SR161 & Buenos Aires Blvd.

2:52am - Occupied vehicle at Hoover Dam Park. Advised park was closed and they left.

3:16pm - Adult female reported being attacked by a dog on Magnolia Pl. No injury. Animal Control responded to the scene.

5:51pm - Two vehicles parked on street on Bluebird Ct. Snow emergency, owners contacted, vehicles moved.

7:25pm - Vehicle parked 3 feet from curb on Paris Blvd. Owner contacted, car moved.


5:56am - Open garage door on Santiago Dr. Owner contacted, door secured.

Other; 6 false alarms, 2 non-injury crashes, 1 injury crash, 1 lockout, 1 motorist assist, 1 domestic dispute, 1 traffic complaint.