Police Activity; Thursday February 26, 2015

10:14am - Injury crash at SR3 & I-270.

2:42pm - Non-injury crash at Sunbury & Valley Quail South.

3:16pm - Report of a theft of a delivered package on Buenos Aires Blvd. Occurred several weeks ago.

5:22pm - Injury crash at SR161 & Sunbury Rd.

7:03pm - Unregistered solicitors on Madrid Dr. Located and advised.

11:06pm - Traffic violator stopped on SR3 north of Dempsey Rd. Driver charged with open container and possession of marijuana. Passenger charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Friday (early morning hours)

2:45am - Hempstead Rd. north of Dempsey Rd., OVI arrest (male, age 26).

3:38am - Adult male & female sitting in a car in front of Cushions Billiards on Westerville Rd. Both had been drinking. Officer arranged other transportation home. No charges.

Other; 1 motorist assist (lost), 1 open door.