Police Activity; Thursday March 12, 2015

3:08pm - Items stolen out a car parked at Hoover Dam.

3:17pm - Non-injury crash at Sunbury Road & Valley Quail South.

8:16pm - Responded with Fire Dept. to a gas leak on Managua Dr.

10:29pm - Report of the theft of items off of a front porch on Paris Blvd.

11:08pm - Report of a suspicious person/vehicle on Panama Dr. Located the vehicle. No occupant, legally parked.

11:19pm - Report of two loose dogs on Mexico Ave. Black Lab located & returned to owner. Smaller black dog not located.

Friday (early morning hours)

5:19am - Counterfeit $20 bills passed at a business on Sunbury Rd.

Other; 3 traffic complaints, 1 juvenile complaint.