Police Activity; Monday March 16, 2015

8:49am – 2 year old locked mom out of the house in Sunbury Woods. Officer was able to gain entry.

10:55am – Report of a woman passed out behind the wheel of a car at Sunbury Rd & SR161. Area checked, not located.

2:14pm – Noise complaint on Clybourne Rd. Loud engine, owner advised.

3:07pm – Robbery at Kroger Pharmacy, Sunbury Plaza. Male, white with mask & gloves, passed note and fled in a white pickup truck.

8:17pm – Report of damage to a car door on Madrid Dr. Cause unknown.

Tuesday (early morning hours)

12:24am – Suspicious car parked outside McDonalds on Executive Parkway. Using the Wi-Fi.

Other: 1 notification, 1 menacing report, 1 theft from a business, 1 ID theft (false tax return), 1 false alarm, 1 suicide threat.