Police Activity; Wednesday March 18, 2015

10:45 am Cairo Road, caller reports door to door salesmen.  Officer located and referred to Township offices to register.

3:01 pm Area of Hoover Dam, caller reports occupants of a vehicle possible smoking marijuana.  Gone prior to arrival.

4:53 pm Natalie Court, pedestrians in the roadway.  Officers located and advised to stay out of the road.

5:36 pm Dempsey & Westerville, debris in the roadway.  Located and removed.

7:54 pm Manitou Drive, caller reports suspicious car and person in the area.  Officers located and determined no criminal activity. 

10:33 pm Blendon Township Headquarters, assist FCSO with intoxicated person.

False Alarms: 2, Medical Assist: 1, Animal Complaint: 1,