Police Activity; Monday March 23, 2015

8:08 am Westerville Road, recovery of vehicle from known party who refused to return to owner.

12:10 pm Dakar Road, caller reports witnessing a subject enter a neighbor’s home through a rear window.  Further investigation revealed the person was a known party to the resident and had  locked themselves out of the house then climbed  through the unlocked window.

2:14 pm Report of debris in the roadway, 161/270.  Unable to locate.

3:37 pm Sunbury Road, shoplifter.   The offender dropped the merchandise at the exit and fled prior to police arrival.

5:05 pm Westerville Road, caller reports subject on the property possible stealing metal.  Officers arrived and located subject.  Property owner notified.

5:18 pm Paris Blvd.  Caller requested well being check on resident. All ok.

8:25 pm Caller reports a solicitor in the area of Bogota.  Officers were unable to locate.

1:29 am Executive Parkway, recovery of stolen vehicle.  Unoccupied.  Owner notified.  Vehicle had been reported stolen through Columbus Police Department.

Non Injury Crash: 1, Civil Disputes: 1, Domestic Disputes: 1