Police Activity Tuesday March 24 & Wednesday March 25th


8:06 am Westerville Road, meet the caller reference two persons refusing to leave the business. Both were given trespass warning by officers.

8:21 am Area of Valley Quail Blvd. South, Assist with an unruly child.  Officers provided information to parents as well.

8:46 am Makassar Drive, loose canine.  Unable to locate.

9:07 am Buenos Aires Blvd., disabled vehicle. Assisted until tow truck arrived.

12:30 pm Dakar Road West, tag vehicle for removal.

12:42 pm Morse Road report taken for truck that has not been returned by a renter

3:53 pm Caller reports a possible intoxicated driver in the area of Rt#3 & 270, unable to locate.

4:02 pm Westerville Road, officers on scene to keep the peace during a civil action.

4:04 pm Morse Road, stand by during civil dispute regarding a towed vehicle.

6:50 pm Blendon Township Police Department, walk in report of damage to a vehicle while it was parked at Glengary Shopping Center.

7:35 pm Rt#3 & 270, motorist out of gas and had help already on the way.

8:49 pm Paris Blvd., while investigating a theft offense a man was found to have active warrants.  The man was arrested and turned over to the originating agency.

11:40 pm Westerville Road, caller reports a man is banging on windows.  Upon arrival, officers found a man that was intoxicated.  He was taken to jail for Disorderly Conduct.

12:43 am Sunbury Road, assist motorist who was locked out of their car.  Entry gained.

Non Injury Crashes: 4


7:05 am Westerville road, caller reports person walking in the roadway.  Unable to locate.

9:13 am Paris Blvd., caller wanted to add to a previous theft report. 

9:25 am Kilbourne Avenue, caller reports suspicious person.  Officer located and no crime occurred.

4:51 pm Central College & Cubbage, unoccupied disabled vehicle.  Tagged for removal.

5:27 pm Buenos Aires Blvd., Caller reports group of teens smoking.  Gone prior to arrival.

6:23 pm Kilbourne Avenue, assist parent with unruly child. 

10:05 pm Caracas Drive, barking dog complaint.  Officers were able to make contact with the resident later on that night and advised.

2:11 am Panama Drive, barking dog complaint.  All quiet upon officer’s arrival.

Non-Injury Crash: 3, False Alarms: 2.