Police Activity; Wednesday, April 1, 2015

10:07am - BTPD impounded a pallet jack left on SR161 at SR3.

11:33am – Hit-skip at SR3 & SR161. Suspect vehicle is a tan, Mercury Sable.

5:08pm – Terminated employee refusing to leave a business on Executive Parkway. Gone on police arrival.

5:17pm – Report of shoes hanging on telephone line on Buenos Aries Blvd. Caller had heard (the urban myth) that this is a signal for a drug house. It is also a signal that someone has “graduated” something. Soldiers often throw their boots over a line when they are discharged from the army. Athletes on sports teams sometimes throw their shoes over a line at the end of the season. Bullies sometimes do it. It is a common prank at a sleepover or bachelor party. And another urban myth is that it will protect against ghosts or other para-normal imaginings. The most likely explanation is that someone just threw a pair of shoes over a telephone line.

7:03pm – Minerva Park cars tied up in Mayor’s Court. BTPD handled a “knock and run” call on Maplewood Dr.

8:38pm – Report of a suspicious white van at Valley Quail North and Scissortail Loop. Area checked, not located.

Thursday (early morning hours)

Midnight – Male, black juvenile in black coat and jeans in the lot at Speedway (Morse & SR3). Caller thought it was too late for someone that young to be out. Area checked, not located.

12:07am – Hit-skip on Paris Blvd. White Ford pickup struck a parked car and kept going.

12:59am – Three teens in a vehicle parked at Ridgewood Park. Parents responded to pick up the two females. Officers drove the male home. Vehicle left parked, owner to retrieve it later.

Other; 3 false alarms, 1 traffic complaint, 1 business dispute, 1 domestic dispute, 1 civil dispute, 1 neighbor dispute, 1 juvenile complaint,