Police Activity; Wednesday April 29, 2015

9:29 am Lee Road, property damage report.

11:52 am Harbin Ct.  asked to contact resident and relay info for other agency.

4:04 pm Westerville Rd., report of panhandlers, gone prior to police arrival.

5:10 pm Adda Ave., caller reports abandoned tent on the property.  Referred to property owner.

6:06 pm Valley Quail Blvd. S., caller reports theft of bicycle.  Report taken.  Caller later found the bike at the nearby elementary school.

6:46 pm Stockholm Drive, neighbor dispute resulted in identifying and arresting a wanted person.

12:37 am Goldfinch Drive, caller reports suspicious people on the lot.  Located and identified two subjects. 

1:31 am Cleveland Avenue, caller reports a possible break in.  Officers made contact with resident, all ok.

2:39 am Executive Parkway, caller reports possible intoxicated driver.  Officers stopped the vehicle and were able to determine the driver was not intoxicated.

Non Injury Crash: 1, Domestic Dispute: 1, Open Door: 1, False Alarms: 1,