Police Activity; Wednesday April 8, 2015

9:00 am Oslo Drive, caller reports suspicious vehicle.  Officer made contact with occupant.  No criminal activity, landscapers doing work in the area.

9:05 am Sunlawn Drive, assist motorist who locked keys in the vehicle. Entry gained.

11:15 am Paris Blvd., caller requested officer help with an unruly child.  While on scene, the family’s unconfined pit bull attacked one of the officers.  Franklin County Animal Control responded and cited the owner for multiple violations.  The officer did not sustain any injuries.

12:16 pm Dempsey and Westerville, caller reports debris in the roadway.  Officer cleared the lane.

1:10 pm Westerville and Corporate Drive, caller reports disabled vehicle.  Gone prior to officer arrival.

1:14 pm Dempsey and Westerville, direct traffic while county engineer fixes traffic signal.

3:20 pm Westerville Road, caller requested police report for possible fraud.

11:23 pm Westerville Road, caller reports loud music. Officer warned manager.

2:49 am Copenhagen.  Caller reports suspicious activity in a vacant house.  Officer made contact with occupant who is the new tenant.

False Alarms: 2, Non Injury Hit Skip Crash: 1, Non Injury Crash: 1, Injury Crash: 2