Weekend Police Activity; Fri-Sat-Sun May 8-9-10, 2015


11:05am – Gas leak reported in the area of Sunbury & Valley Quail South. Responded with Fire Dept. No leak found.

12:01pm - Report of a dog in a car with the windows rolled up at Glengary Center. Gone on arrival.

12:25pm – Hit-skip reported in the parking lot of a business on Executive Parkway.

3:40pm – Report of a fight at SR161 & Buenos Aires Blvd. Area checked, unable to locate.

4:50pm - Report of a dog in a car with the windows rolled up at Sunbury Plaza. Gone on arrival.

5:10pm – Report of a purse stolen at Sunbury Plaza. Occurred yesterday.

11:10pm – Scream reported in the area of Abbington Rd. BTPD, CPD officers and helicopter checked the area. Unable to locate source.

Other Friday Activity; 1 lockout, 2 non-injury crashes, 1 juvenile complaint, 1 false alarm, 1 motorist assist (directions), 1 missing adult, 1 report of a lost wallet, 1 medical, 1 loud music, 1 traffic complaint.


1:34am – Suspicious vehicles at Hoover Dam Park. Contacted by officers. Park closed. Advised. They departed. No charges.

5:29am – Suspicious person in a boat at Hoover Reservoir, possibly in distress. Officers made contact. Subject physically challenged, but a regular boater and not in distress.

11:45am – Shoplifter attempting to steal beer at Speedway (SR3 & Morse Rd) confronted by clerk, fled without beer.

7:05pm – Customer causing a disturbance at a Westerville Road car lot. Gone on arrival.

10:27pm – Bike stolen on Kilbourne Ave. Subject returned bike prior to officer arrival.

Other Saturday Activity; 2 false alarms, 2 parking complaints, 1 assist other agency (BAC), 2 traffic complaints, 1 parking dispute, 2 non-injury crashes, 1 loud music.


12:27am – Suspicious persons & vehicles at Hoover Dam Park. Contacted, no charges.

12:40am - Suspicious persons walking on nature trail at Hoover Dam Park. Male, age 25, arrested on outstanding traffic warrant.

7:33pm – Theft of gas from a gas station on Westerville Road. Clerk got the tag #. Under investigation.

10:34pm – Bat in a house in Sunbury Woods. Captured and released back into the wild.

11:37pm – Suspicious car on Dakar East. Legally parked, area checked. Nothing unusual found.

12:57am – Suspicious vehicle at Hoover Dam Park. Driver arrested for driving under suspension.

5:13am – Reported screaming heard on Kilboure Ave. Area checked, source not located.

Other Sunday Activity; 2 false alarms, 2 custody disputes, 1 medical, 1 open door, 1 unregistered solicitor, 1 traffic complaint, 1 domestic dispute, 1 suicide threat.