Police Activity; Thursday June 11, 2015

9:01 am 161/Strawberry Farms, debris in the roadway.  Officer located and cleared the lane.

12:44 pm Goldfinch Drive, caller requested officers check residence for squatters.  Officers cleared the residence unfounded.

1:02 pm Manila Drive, caller requested information regarding a civil issue.

6:30 pm Arnett Road, caller reports a suspicious vehicle.  Gone prior to arrival.

7:08 pm Arnett Road, caller requested to speak with an officer regarding on ongoing civil issue.

3:20 am Sunbury Road, officers stopped a male in violation of law.  Warning issued. Transported to his residence.

Animal Complaint: 1, Domestic Dispute: 1, Open Door: 1, Non-Injury Crash: 1, Medical Assist: 3, Open Doors: 4