Police Activity; Monday June 8, 2015

8:00 am Bangasi Drive Theft from a parked motor vehicle overnight.   Report taken.

9:00 am Paris Blvd., officers called to keep the peace during a civil exchange.

2:10 pm Montford Road & Arnett caller reports suspicious person.  Officer located the person and all ok.

3:10 pm Westerville Road, caller reports customer dispute.  Resolved prior to police arrival.

3:52 pm Badar Ct.  Make contact with resident for another police agency.  No answer.

1:58 am Badar Ct.  officers stood by during property pick up

2:22 am Westerville Road, officers located persons on the property of a closed business. 

6:33 am 161/Strawberry Farms Blvd. assist other agency with violator.

Injury Crash: 1, False Alarms: 1, Domestic Dispute: 2, Medical Assist: 1,