UPDATE: Breaking and Entering

Back in early May, the Sunbury Auto/Pet Wash on Executive Pkwy. fell victim to a Breaking & Entering.  Three suspects caused significant damage entering the property but fled prior to police arrival.

Thorough investigation lead to collaboration with multiple agencies outside of Franklin County.  Ultimately, Det. Phillips was able to identify and file warrants on all three suspects.  Two of the suspects have since been arrested for their involvement in this and other related crimes.

Today, information was received on the whereabouts of the 3rd and final suspect.  Thanks to the assistance of Franklin County Deputies, the wanted party was arrested in Columbus, without incident and transferred to the custody of Blendon Twp Police.  Det. Moore then interviewed and obtained a confession from the suspect before he was transported to jail by Officer Flynn. 

This is just one example of the teamwork exhibited not only within the Blendon Twp Police Department, but with all officers in Central Ohio, working toward the same goal of keeping our communities safe. 

Job well done!