Weekend Police Activity; 17-18-19 July 2015


7:17am – Suspicious person reported at Ulry & Warner. Officers gave the barefoot man a ride to his destination.

7:41pm – Report of a man asleep in a maroon car on Dempsey Rd. Area checked, not located.

7:56pm – Animal complaint at a used car lot on Westerville Rd. The business re-possessed a vehicle that contained an angry pit-bull dog. They wanted police assistance in removing the dog and returning it to the customer. Animal control contacted.

11:20pm – Report of items stolen from a vehicle while it was parked at Glengary Center.

Other Friday; 1 parking complaint, 1 landlord-tenant dispute, 1 suicide threat, 2 traffic complaints, 1 civil dispute.


1:04am – Report that a male black subject in a white shirt was standing in the roadway at Mexico & Santiago trying to flag down passing cars. Area checked, not located.

4:30am – Two subjects (intoxicated male & female adults) were found by a BTPD officer sitting in a parked car at a business on Executive Parkway. Both were given a ride to a home in Sunbury Woods and released to a sober third-party. One of the sober third-parties at the address they wanted dropped off at, had warrants for her arrest. Arrested the subject (female, age 28) and turned her over to the filing jurisdiction (Westerville).

5:07pm – Report of a hit-skip on a street sign at Harbin & Lisbon. Witness got the license plate. Under investigation.

6-8pm - Summer Concert at Ridgewood Park.

Other Saturday; 2 traffic complaints, 1 domestic dispute, 1 open door found, 1 parking complaint, 1 loud music, 1 missing juvenile (teen) reported (Under investigation).


12:14am – Report of a loud party on Woodvale Court. Numerous 18-20 year olds. Male subject (age 20) arrested for disorderly conduct, obstruction of official business, possession of marijuana, underage possession of alcohol; transported to jail. All others were released to sober third parties and the party was over.

2:31am – BTPD officer found a vehicle on Copenhagen Dr. with the interior dome light on. Owner stated that no items were missing from the vehicle.

2:45am – Report of two coyotes on Batavia Rd. Caller stated they appeared “sick”. Area checked, not located.

3:25pm – Report of panhandlers at Speedway (Morse & SR3). Area checked, not located.

3:40pm – Hit-skip from yesterday (damaged street sign) solved. Driver located and charged.

5:37am – Female subject reported that she was assaulted by another female subject in the area of Cairo Road. Exact location unknown. Medic refused. Charges refused.

Other Sunday; 1 missing teen returned, 1 littering complaint, 2 traffic complaints, 1 stand-by for custody.